CKE18 - See-Through my Swimsuit and Touch my Cute Japanese Nipples

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    I've never seen a Japanese girl actually wearing a thin see-through swimsuit like this in public. As much as I'd love to say otherwise, I have to admit that it's true. I've gone on the hunt during the hot Tokyo summer. I've seen a lot of sexy girls, but nothing like Minami-chan's translucent, see-through one-piece swimsuit! I lay the blame on two things' 1. The fashion industry isn't crazy enough make something this sexy. That's hard to believe considering last year see-through shirts that showed off the girl's bra was popular. Plus, more recently, jeans with slashes right below the girl's butt cheeks was all the rage. Can't a mainstream swimsuit maker at least make one of these with tiny pasties sown in or something?! 2. No Japanese shop owners have been 'brave' enough to actually put these see-through swimsuits out on the regular swimsuit rack. Again, hard to believe considering this is every guy's fantasy!!! Where is the hentai otaku power when we need it the most?! I'm sure that if these were selling in the trendy fashion shops in Shibuya, every girl in Japan would be wearing them to the pool! Well' you know what they say, if nobody else will make lemonade, it's time to pick up some lemons and do it yourself! And in our case, lemons just happen to be ecchi clothing and outfits that sweet Japanese girls are ready and willing to wear. Put the two together, squeeze in a little drop of used panty juice, and you have a thirst quenching, summertime refreshing, drink called 'chakuero'. This time around the special ingredient was Minami-chan, a baby cute Japanese girl we love so much. Minami loves putting her hair up in twintails and showing off her innocent side' And by innocent side, I'm not talking about her pointy little nipples poking through the translucent swimsuit material. That's her naughty side and you can see plenty of it on display right HERE! No, I'm talking about the look on her face that says 'If I did something sexually suggestive, I had no idea about it.' This attitude is not just a show for the camera! Minami-chan acts like this the whole time during the shoot off camera too! Working with such a little trouble maker is not easy! If you're not careful, your face ends up beat red, looking like you dipped your tongue in habanero pepper sauce. Minami-chan is such a tease, and even though she's a master at hiding it, we know she must know it! If you like this set, please leave a comment. Just be ready though, we can guarantee that Minami-chan will have no idea about what happened to your pants.

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