CKE18 - Cotton Panties Worn by Japanese Schoolgirls Drive Us Crazy

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    Japanese schoolgirl's cotton panties fetish strikes again! Once again we've shot a schoolgirl cotton panty fetish photo set with wonder girl Maiko-chan. She's here with her big brown eyes and schoolgirl uniform cosplay to fulfill your every hentai fantasy. While shooting this set, I started talking with Maiko about the cotton panties craze in Japan. She joked that there's a reason why school gets out in Tokyo before all of the office workers head home. It's to stop Japanese schoolgirls from crossing paths with insatiable gropers! It's bad enough when the girls stay out late and board a packed train around rush hour. The chance of them getting home without having something stiff riding up their skirts is almost zero. Can you imagine the nightmare that would ensue if all those salarymen headed out the door when they heard the school bell ring?! Tokyo already has a serious problem with 'chikans' (gropers), we don't need it to get any worse. In fact, thinking about all of the incredible girls we've shot at CKE18, I don't think I can name one who hasn't been fondled in public. That should tick everyone of us off. These are chakuero idols. They should only be touched officially while shooting, or in their own private lives. To think that some crazy guy laid a finger on one of these angels makes me want to punch his lights out. Of course, if a Japanese girl is sexy, no guy in his right mind would resist her! That's right. It's a completely different story when the shoes are on the other foot. Yes, I have in fact had a couple of schoolgirls tease me over the years. Once, a Japanese girl who looks a lot like Maiko flashed her light green cotton panties at me on purpose and laughed with her 'yankii' (troublemaker) friend. There was another time on an escalator when a Shibuya schoolgirl with a super hiked up skirt backed up against me and rubbed her butt between my legs. The skirt was lifting up so high, I could see her bare cheeks. Sorry cotton panty fetish lovers, this girl was probably wearing a silky thong. It sounds great, but it was actually pretty awkward because I'm sure people were noticing. I ended up moving into the 'walking' lane and booking it out of there. It was just too crazy and I was worried that it might have been some sneaky setup to get me in trouble! The girl was so hot though with brownish, blonde wavy hair, and smelled so sexy. To this day I regret chickening out. And that brings us back to wonder girl Maiko-chan. When she lifted up her skirt and showed her cotton panty covered ass, there was so much context that ran through my mind. Tokyo is a wild place and I can totally understand how Japanese girls can drive a guy insane. That's why I'm glad to be a part of the CKE18 team. It's our job to unleash the fantasies! BTW, if you want to see one of my favorite cotton panty sets, check out Satsuki HERE. And if you like this set with Maiko, then please leave a comment or write your own story that involves Maiko and her sexy schoolgirl costume. We'd love to read it!

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